Digital Giving solutions fall into two main categories:

1. App based giving
2. Fixed payment terminal

1. App based giving is the 'new kid on the block', and prior to Covid19 was making steady progress in the UK market. The leading app in this field is Givt UK, a tech solution that has recently added a highly skilled and dedicated UK team, including a serving Baptist Minister. This app based solution, adopted by national churches such as AOG, Elim and Salvation Army, has, post Covid19, seen rapid growth due to the way it meets the needs of the emerging Hybrid Church and the way it does not require any sanitisation precautions. With minimal costs, great transparency and simple sign up, this is certainly the future donation solution. Contact Givt's UK Team here Contact Givt

2. Fixed payment terminals such as iZettle were developed as payment solutions for businesses, but also found a home in the UK church. The market is well catered for with these solutions as they provide a solution, though often with high equipment costs and monthly fees. Also, being fixed terminals that need to be passed around, or sited in a particular space, the requirements of keeping a high level of sanitisation is made difficult. The aspect of giving at home, one of the emerging markets as worshippers move to a blended attendance, is not possible on an fixed terminal, once again this is where app based giving is best suited.

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App based giving on the increase as people can give anywhere at anytime.