Beyond Giving supports churches, charities and community groups find the best digital giving solution.


Our aim is to support organisations achieve financial sustainability that enables mission and community based projects to flourish, including exploration of new income generation models. Beyond Giving will work with you to accelerate the growth of fundraising across a diversified range of income streams to achieve long term, sustainable income growth. We will also deliver comprehensive insight into new donation technology and integrated streaming platforms. Beyond Giving will support organisations in developing partnerships and supporter relationships.

Beyond Giving is led by myself, David Lynch. I have achieved outstanding results in change management, future modelling and innovative practice in all my roles. Winning awards for radical change, I am an experienced Strategy and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Social Enterprise and Religious institutions industry. Skilled in innovative Collaborative Network Creation. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Change Management, Community Development, Event Planning, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, and Project Management. Strong community and social services professional with a Bachelor of Arts - BA focused in Theology/Theological Studies from University of the Highlands and Islands. 

●    Understanding of key concepts involved in social enterprise. 
●    Knowledge of business development tools and to enable effective strategies for sustainable development. 
●    Creation of a dynamic, workable business plan for social enterprise. 
●    Leadership: Developing effective communication skills, proper delegation; improve team productivity.
●    Radical Entrepreneur Award- Nesta 2011. 
●    Ability to manage listening activity with sensitivity. Use of self-reflection to develop effective listening skills.
●    Knowledge of project planning tools, fundraising tools and strategy.
●    Skilled in social media, marketing, MS Office software.

●    Ability to see opportunities, create solutions and manage change
●    Public speaking to small and large groups, skilled in audience engagement
●    Creating projects. Creating educational and social learning resources



Understanding the Audience

As a communicator, I believe it is imperative to understand the audience.  The act of listening, of observing context, of connecting with the audience and hearing their needs, is, for me, the true art of communication. As communicators, we need to be part of the story to be able to interpret and deliver effective communication.


Observing the Trends

Society, local and global, is changing. The workplace, the community, education and business, is changing. How we, as leaders, respond to this change requires wisdom, maturity and the ability to know ourselves.

We cannot lead change, or build empathetic collaborative teams if we do not have an inner knowledge of how we work as people. 

Over 35 years of work experience in a wide variety of fields, along with a strong and robust faith, have made me ready for the changes that we as organisations, large and small, face in this current world.



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Finding Peace

Nature is a vital part of all I do, it is woven into the fabric of my rich experience. Firstly, whether that is watching Northern Gannets plunging into Scottish waters, or feeling the thrill as the first leaves appear on springtime trees, the preservation of the living world that we share, is a deep part of who I am. Secondly, I believe nature extends beyond living creatures, the study and nature of humanity and society, especially within a future context, is equally as important. Finally, the nature of my own body, nourished and exercised for health, and the nature of my mind, challenged and developed through study, are all key components of who I am.