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Dr. Marc Brackett has dedicated his life to studying emotions and to teaching us what he’s learning. In this episode, we talk about how emotional literacy – being able to recognize, name, and understand our feelings – affects everything from learning, decision making,

and creativity, to relationships, health, and performance.

Here he speaks to Brene Brown in her podcast

It certainly rang some bells for me, especially in the area of leadership, future organisation and team building. As in my previous article Human vs City, I believe that the role of relationship in future building is vital, this podcast expands on how a true and open relationship looks, giving the permission to feel, being honest.

When we are asked how we are feeling, how many of us answer with the true reflection of how we are feeling. We tend to stick with 'I am fine,' because anything else demands a longer response, a demand of time that many of us are possibly not willing to invest, especially at work. Not just time though, it also demands a willingness to discuss emotions that we may, understanably, feel completely out of our depth engaging with.

So if being honest with each other is too much, then we should at least be honest with ourselves. How do I feel? Why do I feel this way? Where is that seed of emotion I am feeling planted, what is feeding it? To be truly inspirational leaders and team members, we need to be self aware and honest with ourselves, we can hardly be inspirational to others if we cannot inspire ourselves.

We cannot forgive others it we do not forgive ourselves, we cannot love others if we do not love ourselves. We all, I imagine, desire world peace, but it is something we cannot single handedly achieve. We can though aim for peace in our inner world, and that is a space where we can be intimately involved changing.

I would recommend listening to the podcast, it is packed with so much, see what you can take from it.

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